Issue No.7 Poetry

hope falls like rotten mangoes

hope falls like rotten mangoes 1920 1909 Wale Ayinla

i was born with a dead dialect sewn to my skin having a specialty for its translation. a dragon shelters in my house and my room is always a furnace…

After Birth

After Birth 1920 1280 Archana Sridhar

They told us to wrap him up tightly and play on repeat the sounds of somebody’s heart beating in the womb – WHOOSH WHOOSH. Sometimes in the dark, on the…

A funeral for my youth

A funeral for my youth 1920 1278 Satya Dash

When I belch vines of what won’t go in after a lovely meal, I know there is an alley of discontent around the corner. Thieves approach with soft feet and…

appalachian gods don’t believe in me

appalachian gods don’t believe in me 1920 1280 Matthew Mitchell

& i refuse to believe that the waveform i scribbled into your bedroom wall has become a flatline beneath tiny amulets of white light, glowing carcasses scintillating in the moonlit…

Midwestern Gothic

Midwestern Gothic 1920 1285 Sadie Shuck Hinkel

I. Pumpkin-rot twists the open sky and morphs into tornado sirens that echo through the bleached hallways of my built-in-1928 high school. I am reading Of Mice and Men in…


Highway 1920 1280 Tyler Truman Julian

Header photograph © J. Bish.

Nursing our addictions

Nursing our addictions 1920 1282 Anointing Obuh

When I was twelve & after a smoke my father would put on the only zombie movie we owned, for relaxation. The main character was a girl dark kinky hair…


Thief 1280 1920 Rachel Warren

When I summon my knees do you long for yours when I pried your kneecaps clean and slurped their oysters when I kidnapped your kneecaps to a biker bar when…

Twelve Days

Twelve Days 1920 1250 Julie Weiss

For Julen For twelve days all of Spain kneeled, heads bowed, hands pressed in collective prayer, hope from the hearts of millions cascading into the borehole, hope glowing around your…

Meditation on Graves

Meditation on Graves 1920 1438 Matthew Early

If a word is repeated enough in the same spot, it lingers like dew on limp flora. I once saw the ivied headstone of a baby, and wondered how many…

Here is to Everything

Here is to Everything 1920 1272 Kunjana Parashar

Header photograph © Randy Baker.

During Vietnam

During Vietnam 1920 1440 Kelly Garriott Waite

During Vietnam, I sneaked into the pantry to spoon powdered Tang® into my mouth, this chemical concoction that stained my tongue orange, and sure, the sugar was real as the…

conversation with the girl in a red room never begins with a hello

conversation with the girl in a red room never begins with a hello 1920 1178 Prudence Emudianughe

here, every girl has a story. each one with plots thicker than blood. like clots trickling down thighs at penetration; some forced, some welcomed. like when the sun kisses your…

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