Issue No.7 Flash Fiction

All Their Painted Faces

All Their Painted Faces 1920 1280 Vanessa Taylor

Channels play the same clips over and over again. They never start from the beginning, a girl on asphalt, nor from the beginning’s beginning, knowing the girl is Shahida and…

Evidence For Undersea Civilizations

Evidence For Undersea Civilizations 1920 1920 Jessica Cavero

My mother said in a past life, I was born in the sea. On each side of my castle, it was a different season. On the autumn side, I fed…

If We Do Not Speak Of These Things

If We Do Not Speak Of These Things 1920 1280 Ellen Kirkman

In the morning the damage is obvious. Last night, I burrowed through the mattress. Rodent-like, I gnawed great tufts of foam and wiry cotton fibres, flinging them into the air…

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