Issue No.7 Fiction

Lil Bobby

Lil Bobby 1920 1440 Barlow Adams

The first tumor was smaller than a pencil eraser, sliced from Robert’s shoulder with an argon laser in a procedure so quick that the lingering, acrid smell of his burning…

Hairpins on the Linoleum

Hairpins on the Linoleum 1920 1280 Emma Venables

Ida lies face down on the kitchen floor. She considers calling for help, flushes her mouth with saliva in preparation for the words she might call out, but help will…

The Catechism of Ms. O

The Catechism of Ms. O 1920 1280 Philippa East

They call me in on unofficial business. I know quite well what that means. So from Grosvenor Road, through a drizzle of rain, I take the steps to the underground…


Unread 1920 1280 Lisa Mottolo

Ronald scratched unreadable words into the wood of the school desk in his basement. His letters hidden within the grooves drawn by years of sloppy storage. He figured his poems…


Closure 1920 1280 Rachel Heston Davis

Mama said the funeral would make closure happen. I asked her what closure is. I thought it meant when they closed Haley’s box to bury her, but Mama said closure…

Red Bill’s Blood Quest

Red Bill’s Blood Quest 1920 1440 Joshua Storrs

Heather and Sloane sat with their backs against the side of a gas station mini-mart on the edge of the plains, waiting for the mechanic to bring them the diagnosis.…

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