Issue No.6 Flash Fiction

The Well Man

The Well Man 1920 1444 T.J. Butler

Three weeks after the well ran dry, I fed a man to the hogs. The kitchen faucet drip had stopped. It had been a metronome companion, marking solitary kitchen chores,…

Certain Smile

Certain Smile 1137 640 Cate McGowan

Freyja Vogelaar, your first resurrection goes something like this: You’re eight. The chauffeur drives your mother and stepfather to some racetrack. They forget all about you, drinking cocktails for hours in a floodlit…

Take Her Name With You

Take Her Name With You 960 540 Jamie Redgate

At the back of Adam’s house after the funeral, where he should have seen his shed and the fence and his neighbours through their windows all drying their eyes and…

My Neighbor

My Neighbor 1283 1920 John Crawford

In the driveway, my neighbor smashes apart bookcases. Shelf by shelf, he brings a hammer down with a crack and pauses to check out the destruction before raising the hammer…


Baby 1920 1080 Christina Piccione

When my sister Baby was a teenager, she’d throw orange soda cans in the air and shoot as many as she could with a gun before they hit the ground.…

The Home for Specimen Gardeners

The Home for Specimen Gardeners 1920 1280 Sabrina Hicks

3c I’m here. I’m here. I’m here. Plays on repeat, can be heard down the halls thick with the scent of pine and decay. He still walks on the soil…

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