Issue No.6 Fiction


Kishenehn 1920 1280 Krista Diamond

On days when you miss him, you go to a place in the forest called Kishenehn and touch yourself. You stand on the Montana side of the river and watch…

By the Water

By the Water 1920 1440 Christine Alexander

I wanted someone to feel that trembling in my thighs. My flesh and the hard muscle flexing underneath. I felt it myself when I was walking up the stairs just now…

Chuey and Me

Chuey and Me 1920 1520 Elliott Turner

Chuey doesn’t feel like playing during recess, so we sit under one of the plastic jungle gym slides and wait for the bell to ring. It’s kinda chilly and I’m…

The Forgetter

The Forgetter 1920 1440 Joe Baumann

Michael Huxler keeps forgetting he is dead. Every morning he sits down on the sofa and pulls on his running shoes, and his sister Missy, busy cooking sausage and maple…

Bags on the Estuary Front

Bags on the Estuary Front 1920 1440 Ashley Bullen-Cutting

There was a war-torn look to the mudflats that persisted regardless of the season. Summer and winter separated only by the odd shade of colour and confluence of life. Today,…

The Blackhawk Beast & the One Who Wails

The Blackhawk Beast & the One Who Wails 1080 1080 Exodus Oktavia Brownlow

I At night, when they are only arguing humans, I hear them fight about the things that grown-ups always fight about—money, sex, giving, and getting. I hide where they cannot…

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