Issue No.5 – Poetry


Coriolis 1920 1229 Anindita Sengupta

Water spirals clockwise or not depending on hemisphereThis too is rumor. Like home, like country.Mythology is rife with images of exile — serpent of firegorging wax, palace aflame like a…

Slingshot Prophecies

Slingshot Prophecies 1920 1520 John Davis Jr.

The stretch and launch of untargeted pennies               planted our land in bronze. Pinching leather over               Lincoln, we pulled…

A Girl’s Life Will Shake You

A Girl’s Life Will Shake You 1600 1200 Adesina Ayobami Idris

never seen her tuck a shirt in a skirt/ a pencil, a book & a bagtied to her back for school never seen her count stones/ add bottle lids togetherfor…

The Weight of Spit

The Weight of Spit 1600 1200 Benjamin Cutler

Header photograph by Charlotte Hamrick.

Reasons To Tremble Like Earth

Reasons To Tremble Like Earth 1920 1440 Larina Warnock

Underwater rumblings off the coast of Oregon, apt occurrences while I ponder seismic waves crashing through my brain. How much pain can you possibly cause all these years later? The…


Uncivil 1440 1920 Prince Bush

I don’t know who my great-great-grand- mother was, but I know she would tell me to stop crying, don’t run away, respect what the devil says, reciting Bible parables of…

Flood Diorama

Flood Diorama 1920 1297 V.C. McCabe

Swamp bones and chicken feet bloated flesh in muddy creek Hush now, she’s a comin’ creepin’ up from behind Header photograph © Chris Nielsen.

Hammer Sonnet

Hammer Sonnet 1920 1440 Dane Hamann

I worry the hammer writing its bite in a script of bruises doesn’t distinguish between fiction and prayer. I don’t ask for much. Sunlight more like bed than whip of…

Young News

Young News 1920 1704 Leah Callen

The birds sound more human than us tonight. The street: a black snake squeezing empty shops, a dark whiskey no one drinks. The trees look burned with bird wings, murmuring…

How Do You Call It When

How Do You Call It When 1920 1106 Rodd Whelpley

nothing apparently is imminent, but the extra weight; the hair increasingly, if not the texture, then the hue of the bristles in the wire brush you used to scrape the…

Delirium, After Plath

Delirium, After Plath 1920 1327 Gilberte O'Sullivan

I thank her too early, the woman who has brought me tea in a broken handle cup that was once my mother’s. It’s plain orange pekoe, the kind that ails…

w/an Abundance of Caution

w/an Abundance of Caution 1600 1200 Alejandro Ruiz del Sol

Header photograph © Charlotte Hamrick. Untitled document


Palimpsest 750 983 Judith Kingston

In which joy and wonder are born out of darkness The bruises are gone but the ridges of your fingerprints can never be rubbed off by other, more gentle hands,…


January 1920 1440 Grant Clauser

Winter’s heart is tired, the center of the season something that beats only when the wind knocks against it the way a window cracks when birds mistake its shine for…

Song of the Lark

Song of the Lark 1920 1440 Alexandra Corinth

open windows invite birdsong and I am weightless upon the wind your promises are like whispers of bulletproof glass, safe rebellion there is divinity in midnight joyrides and we are…

On Calling Ourselves Men

On Calling Ourselves Men 1920 1440 David Hanlon

Finger joints curling back into     themselves tucking away vulnerability knuckles   bloodthirsty   canines jagged mountaintops volcanic uppercuts we reach alpha heights Thunder- crack sharp thump sledgehammer- blunt…


Chameleon 1440 1920 Lucy Whitehead

Today I am a pot plant yesterday a tapestry of vine leaves   tomorrow I’ll turn emerald green against the lawn   laughing when they laugh   desperately trying to…

To a Grandfather

To a Grandfather 1276 1920 Kaitlin Ruiz

I was not appointed anything so linear as a form like yours, nothing so costly as your eyes—mine are little departures, stained where yours had been basins, washed over white.…


Ghosts 1920 1280 Matthew H. Freeman

Header photograph © Heather Wharram.


Seme(n)tery 1920 1440 Marilee Goad

Trigger warning: depictions of sexual abuse   You bury your past between thighs open up secrets from graves disinterred lives saying kill the beast which does not look like you…

Litany in Which Forgiveness is Granted to All Things Above and Below

Litany in Which Forgiveness is Granted to All Things Above and Below 1920 1229 Samuel J. Fox

Always the twilight: a burning car crash. Always the car crash towed away by the moon. Always the stars gather and grind their way to some rhythm we think we…

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