Issue No.5 – Flash Fiction

Barn Fire, 1985

Barn Fire, 1985 1920 1440 Kevin Richard White

Back in October 1985, I woke up to the horses screaming. My parents weren’t home – they were spending the last of their paychecks line dancing and whiskey-tasting. They could…


Nail 1920 1280 Zac Smith

There was a nail still in the wall that held a picture I can’t remember real well, but I remember the frame and the thick dust that lived on its…


Aftermath 1920 989 Jayne Martin

I boil in my own juices. A small metal fan whirs in a corner, succeeding only in moving the oppressive heat from one part of the room to the other.…

The Shots Fired, The Shots Called

The Shots Fired, The Shots Called 747 994 T.L. Sherwood

Sniveling, aching, running until you drop. Sprawled out, like a kid playing jacks, your legs cramping, sweating. You bend them, notice the sharp cushy pricking, see, finally see the red…

Pool Therapy

Pool Therapy 1600 1200 Patricia Q. Bidar

The door to the pool has a sign that announces that anyone who is currently experiencing diarrhea or has experienced diarrhea in the past 14 days should not enter the…

Nancy’s Morning With Nick

Nancy’s Morning With Nick 1381 1920 David Cook

Phone book delivery day. I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite of the year—I don’t have one of those—but it’s my most anticipated. I bend, ignoring the creak of my hips,…

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