Issue No.5 – Fiction

The Sunset

The Sunset 1920 1274 Norman Belanger

“You maybe want to get a cocktail?” Michael asks, his head is hanging out the bus window. We are both a bit overheated, already drunk. He’s pointing at this dive,…

Fruiting Body

Fruiting Body 1920 1424 Meghan Cruickshank

The bleeding man treads our western edge as the air cools under the sunset. He sits down beside us. His sweating hands fumble our small bodies. We feel and taste…

A Portrait

A Portrait 1920 1007 Alison Braid

The winter of 1992, the phone rang off the hook and wild dogs got into the peacock hut. Harriet read the last real winter had been in 1986, when the…

We Use Every Part of the Animal

We Use Every Part of the Animal 1440 1920 Ashley Naftule

The first time I saw her, she had three heads. “Her name is Gala – like Dali’s wife,” Laurent said to me, beaming proudly over his composite muse. Her discordant…

Our Last Late Cretaceous Period

Our Last Late Cretaceous Period 1920 1229 Kayla Haas

Kansas was a geological epicenter. Once, a body of water called the Western Interior Sea divided America up into two different parts—left and right, wilds and civilization, but it also…

Blind Baggage

Blind Baggage 1920 1338 C.A. Steed

I’ve seen people die on the rails, but probably not the way you’d think. You’d think that other people are the real danger out here, but mostly that’s not true.…

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