Issue No.5 – Creative Nonfiction

The Clothes I Was Wearing

The Clothes I Was Wearing 1920 1252 Sandy Ebner

October 31, 1976 It was just after two in the morning when I finally stepped outside the bar and paused to light a cigarette. Exhausted, I leaned against the wall…

On the Fall

On the Fall 1920 1379 Lucinda Kempe

On the Fall I never wanted the summer to end until the summer my father hanged himself over at his mother’s house in June. Then I wanted to tear into…

Winter Sweeps Away the Old

Winter Sweeps Away the Old 1920 1134 Marilyn Duarte

It was early March—not yet spring, but not entirely winter—when you stopped eating. There were still traces of snow on the ground when you stopped talking. O inverno limpa os…

Mud Crusted

Mud Crusted 1920 1360 Aaron Housholder

Under the white dresser near the closet in our master bathroom, surrounded by an impressive collection of dust bunnies, sits a pair of women’s shoes. The shoes are brown low-top…

Deliver These to Ricky

Deliver These to Ricky 1920 1440 Christy Lorio

In June 2018 I made a discovery that I shared something with my dad. These letters serve as a way to explore and connect our shared experience. Chris and Christin…

Barbed Wire

Barbed Wire 1920 1533 Katie Karnehm-Esh

Do you remember those first days, when we’d walk from class to the cafeteria, chatting and laughing, but once inside, I’d veer off to get my food, and sit with…

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