Issue No.4 – Flash Fiction

The Fortune Teller

The Fortune Teller 1920 1920 Tara Isabel Zambrano

Mother touches their face and blinks like Morse code. No one understands her. I translate and do the readings for our tribe. Sometimes she picks up her stick and hits…

The Coffin Club

The Coffin Club 1920 1193 Hannah Grieco

We heard about it on the radio Sunday morning: Older people in New Zealand were forgoing book groups in favor of coffin clubs. They were learning carpentry and reminding themselves…

War Crimes

War Crimes 1920 1229 Bronwen Griffiths

I The endless sifting of papers. The noting of names and dates. The cross-checking, referencing, the words, photographs, videos, recordings and interviews. The tears. The coffees, the discussions, the sadness.…

Lepidoptera Breaks

Lepidoptera Breaks 1440 1920 Anna O'Brien

I broke my right collarbone falling off a horse. Bucked, rather. She bucked me off. An act of violent defiance, after knowing me a whole thirty minutes. Clearly, a decision…

A Suburbia of Volcanoes

A Suburbia of Volcanoes 1440 1920 Justin Karcher

It sounds like Pat’s building an ark in the garage, but he’s tearing apart a cedar shelf so we have wood for the bonfire, ‘cause it’s almost nighttime in North…

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