Issue No.4 – Fiction

The Cactuses are Turning Gray

The Cactuses are Turning Gray 1920 1280 Timothy Day

Penny got up early Thursday and went to Dane’s trailer, hoping to catch him before he left. They lived in a two-trailer trailer park and Penny had no one else…

The Field

The Field 1920 1229 Heidi Turner

I didn’t used to know what I know about boys and smoking. If I could go back to the first time I learned anything about both, I’d probably turn right around…

The Buzz

The Buzz 1920 1229 Angie McCullagh

Every day after school, I visit the nest. I walk a hundred feet out the back door, then under a thick awning of evergreens, crushing milkweed and wildflowers and mushrooms…

An Elegant Solution

An Elegant Solution 1920 1282 Trisha Lea

The floors were impossibly white. Whiter than anything Garrett had seen in his lifetime, except maybe the blistering sun on a July afternoon. The overhead lights reflected on the smooth tiles,…


Blackstone 1777 1000 Kevin McManus

Peter Jordan opened the front door of his home and took a breath of morning air, smiled, and looked around. The sky was grey with pockets of azure blue peeking out…

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