Issue No.4 – Editor’s Pick

Mother of Blood and Bone

Mother of Blood and Bone 1440 1920 Aremu Adams Adebisi

When father wanted to take a new wife, he sang mother her panegyrics, bought her the finest boubous from a local shop, traced her wrinkled face, her feverish hands, then…

The Fortune Teller

The Fortune Teller 1920 1920 Tara Isabel Zambrano

Mother touches their face and blinks like Morse code. No one understands her. I translate and do the readings for our tribe. Sometimes she picks up her stick and hits…

Apologia, America

Apologia, America 1920 1440 Todd Smith

Listen: it’s raining ash. The one holding his nose tight in blueish kleenex is your dead neighbor’s only certified son,   heir to eleven thumbs and a language made of…

Ecce Angus Dei

Ecce Angus Dei 1920 1064 Jennifer Wilson

Behold the Lamb of God as chasing downhill butterflies behind its own lolloping head it croons in yellow tides like flowers flushed red when pressed, when cut. White wool turns…


Home 1920 1080 Angela M. Shupe

Rose petals lie open to the wind. Vibrant fuchsia has faded to a soft blush, the color now muted of its former vitality. A few petals have fallen and now…

An Elegant Solution

An Elegant Solution 1920 1282 Trisha Lea

The floors were impossibly white. Whiter than anything Garrett had seen in his lifetime, except maybe the blistering sun on a July afternoon. The overhead lights reflected on the smooth tiles,…

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