Issue No.4 – Creative Nonfiction

Ugly Shoes

Ugly Shoes 1920 1080 Jacqueline Doyle

Crazy Shoes When I was in my twenties I had all kinds of crazy shoes. Sandals with six-inch cork platforms that wobbled. Rope-soled espadrilles with laces that criss-crossed up my…


Inheritances 1920 957 Katie Karnehm-Esh

I. My paternal grandmother lived in a brick ranch, with white trim and black shutters that didn’t close, in a small Ohio town. Her house was two doors down from…


Home 1920 1080 Angela M. Shupe

Rose petals lie open to the wind. Vibrant fuchsia has faded to a soft blush, the color now muted of its former vitality. A few petals have fallen and now…


Hunter 1283 968 Justin Briley

She is serenity. A portrait fixed with a face like the Middle Pacific; cold and beckoning. As the frosted dirt cracks beneath my small feet, beneath layers of dead corn…

I Imagine Cancer Feels Cold

I Imagine Cancer Feels Cold 1440 1920 Rachel Haywood

Mom had cancer when I was in preschool. Breast cancer. Four-year-olds shouldn’t have to think about much beyond counting by ones and coloring inside the lines. But cancer doesn’t care…

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