Issue No.3 Editor’s Pick

Toy Box

Toy Box 2500 1406 Asher

A Note from the Editor: Many of the photographs you will see in this issue are from Asher — no last name, simply as is. Asher is a sculptor from…


Barnlights 2500 1406 Amanda Crum

Those fireflies spark in the hum and burr of twilight, when our legs begin to itch from the day’s rambles. Chiggers and tall grass have left their mark, a tattoo…

A Girl Buys Lilies for Herself

A Girl Buys Lilies for Herself 2500 1406 Priyanka Sacheti

She knows that there is something wrong with her when there have been no flowers in her house for weeks. The air smells of uninhabited hearts and crushed moths and…

Sharp Parables

Sharp Parables 2500 1406 Emily Osborne

Children hear of water-hoardings. Lorelei floating gold cups, coaxing gullible girls down. Ancient cities settled by kelp and shells. Rivers refusing tossed-in shoes, certain that boys thought dead are somewhere…

How to weave a blanket out of horsehair and spidersilk

How to weave a blanket out of horsehair and spidersilk 1920 1080 Sonja Swift

Smothered by sun and time / one sun drunk lizard / and me with my belly exposed / pine wood rounds / tree rings naked and orange / sap the…


Rattle 1920 1440 Julie Rea

I taped flyers to the maple trees that lined both sides of the street. Your gap-toothed smile stared back at me, crooked school tie, and favourite pink bow. I only had one…

Letters to a Dead Racehorse #6, #8

Letters to a Dead Racehorse #6, #8 2500 1406 Jill Mceldowney

#6 Can you tell me how much longer I get to be alive and in love? Maybe a person only gets a choice between the two and maybe it is…

History & the Doomed

History & the Doomed 2000 1125 Amee Nassrene Broumand

Curb corners accumulate dandelions, cigarettes, & skeletons, compliments of the whirlwind as it keens through errant sunbeams. Antennae twitch at smashed gears. I nudge a broken spider with my toe,…

De Consolatione ad Kamil: On Death

De Consolatione ad Kamil: On Death 2500 1406 Kamil Ahsan

I was three years old, the youngest of three, when my father passed away in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. I have no recollection of him. Any remainders are memories of memories, or…

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