Issue 15/16 Fiction

Tell Him I’m Here

Tell Him I’m Here 720 905 Zenas Ubere

I should start from the evening I played ayo under the mango tree with Onduka. The setting sun, with its orange glow, had a sense of serenity in it, like the…

Eat Me

Eat Me 1920 1440 Aisha Hassan

J u Lin set the bowl of rice next to the blaze and the sickly feeling returned. It was a sensation she knew well, this clammy thrill coursing through her body…

Bahia Palace

Bahia Palace 1037 1565 José Sotolongo

I’m going to Morocco. I feel I must, even without my husband Ron. “Are you crazy?” he said when I told him I thought we both should go. “Two men,…

Every Last Piece

Every Last Piece 1080 995 Henry Presente

I used to love optical illusions–the rabbit/duck head, the flower vase/two faces, all those pictures where one thing could be another–but now they haunt me. This one especially:  imagine a bottle…

A Family Death

A Family Death 1920 1440 Suzanne Grove

T he dogs were pulling strips of connective tissue off raw beef bones, their bellies spread against the cool grass, when Kathy came across the gravel drive with news of his…

Good Screens

Good Screens 954 1193 Bethany Marcel

Out the window, in the dark, there is the child. “There,” I say. “You see?” “I see nothing,” says Mira. She’s always face-in-screen, barely looking. I’m standing, peering out the…

My Name is Ruth

My Name is Ruth 1920 1440 Melissa Richer

T hey didn’t say a doctor was coming for me, but one did, right before I turned seventeen. I was out riding Boaz; grazing, drifting through tallgrass, my feet brushing the…

The Hospital Ward

The Hospital Ward 1080 1350 Alan Perkins

It hadn’t rained, but the concrete was damp. It wasn’t frozen, but the air was dropping and the sky showed faint stars through the streetlights. Late, she rushed through the…

The Teller

The Teller 1818 1228 Emily Mani

M y brother is playing street hockey with the boys. Krystal and I sit on the lawn, making pretend salads with grass and crabapples. We’re eleven, too old to be playing…

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