Issue 15/16 Editor Pick


Verdigris 1280 853 Jonaki Ray

after a painting by Nathalie Magniez It would be the constants that formed him once: The clean-shaven chin, the double-knotted tie, the tucked-in shirt, the upright stance, the gaze that hit…

O.J. and the Wax Museum

O.J. and the Wax Museum 1672 1072 Davon Loeb

Afterwards, my mother said that my brother could have been someone else, maybe Michael Jordan. She said he was a much better role model, exemplifying all of the project’s requirements.…

Love Does Not Choose Me

Love Does Not Choose Me 1080 1350 Oluwadunsin Deinde-Sanya

When Kambili calls, I am in the kitchen making Egusi that has iru in it. I perch the phone on the rack and laugh heartily, but when she talks about…

A Family Death

A Family Death 1920 1440 Suzanne Grove

T he dogs were pulling strips of connective tissue off raw beef bones, their bellies spread against the cool grass, when Kathy came across the gravel drive with news of his…


Siblings 416 527 Brooke A. Kowalke

Soapy water runs over my hands as I scrub the remains of lunch from the plates in the sink, and I think of you. I try to remember how you…

My Name is Ruth

My Name is Ruth 1920 1440 Melissa Richer

T hey didn’t say a doctor was coming for me, but one did, right before I turned seventeen. I was out riding Boaz; grazing, drifting through tallgrass, my feet brushing the…


Splinter 1080 720 Julie Cadman-Kim

None of Betsy McCormack’s teeth fell out; they just grew in on top of each other like a shark’s. When she finally got the baby teeth removed this spring, that’s…

Pea Ridge

Pea Ridge 1080 873 William Woolfitt

I remember glimmers in the dark, bits of light on my grandparents’ farm on Pea Ridge in Barbour County. I remember pale foxfire veins that feed on the decaying logs,…

Up Next: I Dye My Hair Blond

Up Next: I Dye My Hair Blond 1080 1116 Téa Franco

Curly-haired girls, I promise you this video is going to solve your biggest problems. For those of you who are new here, my name is Xiomara—welcome to my channel Xo…

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