Issue 14 Flash Fiction


Knotted 1080 810 Amanda Chiado

When Gregory talks about knitting, I hide in my skin. He mumbles “loopty-loop” and “my fingers are busy.” I tell myself how easy it is to whip up miles of…

How to Teach Your Cat to Talk

How to Teach Your Cat to Talk 1080 1350 Francine Witte

First thing, show him the internet. Show him the human babies and the huskies who know how to say, “I love you.” Tell your cat you doubt his affection, and…


Extraterrestre 1080 1350 Sabrina Hicks

When I was eight, I found a dying man in my tree fort behind my house. We lived twenty miles from the Arizona-Mexico border with nothing but desert and mountains…

Kidney Stones 2010-2018

Kidney Stones 2010-2018 1080 1350 Emily Weber

At first we thought it was strange Mom kept a photo of my brother and me beside a Ziploc baggie of kidney stones on her nightstand. We’d been cleaning out…

In Marilyn’s Shadow

In Marilyn’s Shadow 768 960 Heidi Seaborn

~Brentwood in the Mid-1990s, after Maggie Nelson 1 Above me helicopters buzzed the constant cerulean sky, as OJ and his friend drove to Brentwood in the white Bronco, their shadows…

The Last Supper

The Last Supper 1080 720 Vineetha Mokkil

Nadeem inhales the scent of his mother’s cooking—the bloodred rogan josh bubbling on the stove, the bread, browning inch by inch on an amber bed of coals. Autumn is in…

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