Issue 14 Fiction

The Ark

The Ark 1080 1350 Analee Kirby Kluge

The bartender cracks an egg and passes the yolk back and forth between the two pieces of broken shell. The white drops into the glass below. Some at the bar…


Omelet 1080 1349 Jesse Salvo

Dad is yelling and crying in the register line. I am next to him and Willa is a little ways back, trying to pick out some other family to join,…


Lightening 1080 810 Jenna B. Morgan

Mother, During those early, dearest days I did not dream that you had A large life which included me, For I had a life Which was only you. — Maya…

A Gnashing

A Gnashing 1080 1350 Travis Dahlke

I was a better fortune teller before I saw the armchair. In my patients I could read how a tongue shaped words used to embellish how often one flossed or saw…

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