Issue 14 Editor Pick


ramona. 1920 1547 Skye Savage

Header photograph © Skye Savage.

Haikus for Persephone

Haikus for Persephone 1080 720 Cleo

(For a .pdf version that preserves the intended format, please click: Haikus for Persephone – Cleo) Header photograph © Liz Baronofsky.

The Last Supper

The Last Supper 1080 720 Vineetha Mokkil

Nadeem inhales the scent of his mother’s cooking—the bloodred rogan josh bubbling on the stove, the bread, browning inch by inch on an amber bed of coals. Autumn is in…

I never had a dog to teach me about death

I never had a dog to teach me about death 1080 693 Matthew Starr

Bones was about as close as I got growing up. He was my next door neighbor’s Alaskan Husky, black and white boy, lupine face, eyes that hit you like a…

The Ark

The Ark 1080 1350 Analee Kirby Kluge

The bartender cracks an egg and passes the yolk back and forth between the two pieces of broken shell. The white drops into the glass below. Some at the bar…

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