Issue 13 Poetry

fuck literally every single thing about death

fuck literally every single thing about death 1067 1600 Rota

fuck this sweet wine. these deviled eggs. another plane ride. this old black suit. the spotless carpet at the boca raton funeral parlor. my best shoes tracking gravesite mud through…

Farewell Transmission

Farewell Transmission 1620 1080 John Leo

after Jason Molina “Ain’t no end to the sands I been trying to cross.”   After the set, the singer settles a pot of black beans to boil, then he…

To my brother who I hope lives through high school

To my brother who I hope lives through high school 1920 1280 Meaghan Curley

Miles away, a teen with a mouth full of fire ants devours children and no one stops him, not until the McDonald’s parking lot is an ocean of bones. A…

Death Machine

Death Machine 1920 1280 Jodie English

From this day forward, I no longer shall tinker with the machinery of death. Justice Harry Blackmun, United States Supreme Court, February 22, 1994. Maybe no one can save you…


prayer 1920 1280 Ugochukwu Damian Okpara

because we were beautiful in ways that shocked; in ways that raised dust. ruffled water. drew rage from other boys. and stones and sticks and fire from men of this…

[half the stars live]

[half the stars live] 1200 1600 N.V. Lott

half the stars live within you, somewhere between the throat and stomach. you are gilded from the inside like flashlights under a sheet. we read the hands we were given…

elegy for young ghosts

elegy for young ghosts 1920 1285 Michael Ace

Because we live in this side of the world where everything we touch dies And everything that touches us survives us with our own ghosts Because you’re little deities craving…

Portrait of a Sentimental Artist

Portrait of a Sentimental Artist 1620 1080 Sarah Jones

Poem inspired by: This poem was inspired by the following paintings by Monet: & Header photograph © William C. Crawford.


Cassandra 1920 932 Michael Lauchlan

Header photograph © Vicki Miko.

On the Buddy Holly Hologram Tour

On the Buddy Holly Hologram Tour 1920 1440 Steve Barichko

if you are belly up in a single engine plane in a seat you won in a frostbitten coin toss and it’s february the worst month and iowa farmland though…


Vixen 1200 1600 Francis Daulerio

for Rabbie Burns and our best-laid schemes After pulling autumn’s mums from their pots and tucking the gardens in to sleep beneath winter bedding of decorative hay, I bring to…


Gratitude 1080 1080 Ann E. Michael

for the pears that escaped hail and those that did not, their blackened malformed shapes oddly compelling on the boughs for half a day of sun rending a fortnight of…

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