Issue 13 Flash Fiction

Janey and Her Bad Brain

Janey and Her Bad Brain 1620 1080 Mary Mattingly

Janey is standing at the corner of University and Main, wind blowing through stringy bottle-blonde locks. She is contemplating clapping a hand over her eyes and walking straight into the…

Decision in Texas, 1994

Decision in Texas, 1994 1920 1424 Anna Moore

David and I are dating a week when he drives us to his house. “I like being out in the country,” he says. The Austin sprawl has become hard-ground desert,…

The People Without Faces

The People Without Faces 1067 1600 Lucy Zhang

No one has a face in this village. They are born with canvases of skin stretched from chin to hairline; had they had faces to begin with, their nostrils and…

My Father’s Underwear

My Father’s Underwear 1080 1080 J. Edward Kruft

My father died putting on his underwear. He managed the first leg, but on the next go around, he hooked his big toe on the elastic and did a header…


Scarab 1618 1080 Mary-Jane Holmes

Eva shooed a pair of nesting magpies from one of the skeps. A dead rose chafer beetle was trapped between the hive’s bindings. It shimmered in the burn of the…

Not Yet

Not Yet 1618 1080 Kate Maruyama

Not yet. I have years left, I have plans. Hell, I’ve got arroz con pollo on simmer and the kids’ homework to finish. Jamie can manage his history this afternoon,…

Man of the House

Man of the House 1920 1536 Kelcee Sykes

Later, I will tell a different story. Around a lunch table I will tell wide-eyed friends that I snatched my sister’s baby-pink razor out of her shower caddy, covered my…

Missing Piece

Missing Piece 1920 1173 Molly Gabriel

The flakes of blue polish still sparkled on the nail. The fingertip peeked between the reeds, flesh-colored and flimsy as a band aid. The knife and fishing line still thrown…

The Girlfriend

The Girlfriend 1920 1246 Brian Moore

After the police leave, Amanda refuses to go back to bed, saying she’s hungry even though it’s the middle of the night. Dennis microwaves leftovers and they both eat in…

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