Issue 13 Fiction


Symbiosis 1920 853 Hillary Jo Foreman

The turtle-woman drifts off first. Her eyelids sag shut. Abandana slips backward on her greasy scalp. In her uncurled fingers rest strands of my hair, strung pillow-to-pillow. Her breath lengthens,…

The Living

The Living 1920 1536 Matthew Willis

That day in Addis Ababa, the sun rose first upon the faithful and the dead. It rose on the shining stone slabs of the Ferenji cemetery; on the pilgrims rising…


Wildlife 1920 1547 Aidan O'Brien

Lucy carves chocolate icing over a bûche de Noël. She’s in the dining room, working at the table. The lace tablecloth describes rosebuds and blooming lilies. The widely spaced white…


Ballad 1920 1265 Steve Passey

It is a truth of online dating that the first date should be lunch. It’s brightly lit and there is a time limit. It is also a truth that if…

A History of Tedium

A History of Tedium 1920 853 Denise Tolan

I had my suspicions about Jack and the blonde woman. I’d been watching them for over an hour like they were the background couple in an old black and white film.…

The Nature of Her Love

The Nature of Her Love 1920 1280 Alice Lam

Sam had been waiting so long that the maître d’ was pointedly looking over at her empty table, in an otherwise heaving restaurant. She had already sipped her way through…

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