Issue 13 Creative Nonfiction

Two Flash CNF From A.M. Roselli

Two Flash CNF From A.M. Roselli 1200 1600 A.M. Roselli

Silent Sliders Open After the Rain in a Field of Green Driving along a road polluted by traffic signs, I pass long stretches of glorious farmland. The rich fields, I…

Kite Flying is Not for Little People

Kite Flying is Not for Little People 1920 853 Wei Ting

I am in my thirties, away on an overseas trip, when my mom tells me she brought the kids and my helper to fly kites at Marina Barrage. The wide…

Two Flash CNF From JJ Pena

Two Flash CNF From JJ Pena 1920 1280 JJ Peña

he left a lullaby humming in my ears my mother asks over the phone if someone’s won me over yet, like i’m a winning lottery ticket: have you found a…

Regret: In Seasons

Regret: In Seasons 1920 1006 Holly Spencer

WINTER Deciduous trees slow down photosynthesis and rely on stored nutrients at their roots, below ground. Nutrients in the bark are only waiting, encased in snow, as icicles hang on…


Confirmation 1620 1080 Sara Iacovelli

When I was thirteen, my grandmother gave me a small, gold locket. It was a gift she’d promised for my Confirmation—a sacrament I only performed for her sake, anyway. I’d…

Dictionary of Hands

Dictionary of Hands 1920 1440 Kateri Kramer

(Please click here to view this piece in its intended formatting.) After In the days after my dad died 5 years ago, what I missed most was the way he’d…

I Know How I’ll Die

I Know How I’ll Die 1920 1280 Shemaiah Gonzalez

It starts with a tinge under my skin. An itch begging to be scratched. I find my pulse there, contracting, growing. I dare not touch it. I know it will…

I am My Hair and My Hair Is Me

I am My Hair and My Hair Is Me 668 621 Lorna Likiza

At 21, I went bald. I remember walking into a neighborhood barbershop and declaring to the youngish looking male, Nyoa yote!, Shave all of it! In turn, he quickly asked,…

Who’s That Lady

Who’s That Lady 1920 1284 Sandra Hunter

I kneel down and kiss my mother, –I’m not a lady. I’m your daughter. She pulls out her disapproving mother expression, –Silly. But she’s also smiling. The neurons have fired…

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