Issue 12 Poetry


Boundaries 1920 1280 James Ducat

Cones and yellow tape and spindles of chicken wire; stone-stack lines across a Northeast forest; stockade and picket plastic shaped to look like lattice; barrels and sandbags; minefields and doorbells;…

An Anniversary, I Think

An Anniversary, I Think 1078 771 Rodd Whelpley

After years, love boils to its essence – fetching your lost objects. The phone. Glasses. Car keys. The boy. A half-full Starbucks cup set somewhere in this house, but really…


Kilcross 1280 1600 Erin Emily Ann Vance

Outside, the one-eyed ginger cat brawls with a stray, and the football pitch is pockmarked with crows. The blackberries are pulsing towards autumn, ink-drunk bulbs of juice growing fat. The…

Road Folded Back

Road Folded Back 1920 1440 Lauren Camp

One morning last week frost licked the trees to their edges. On the window, more marks, half- written. The morning before, the car couldn’t rectify anything we said to each…

Out of the Blue, Into the Black

Out of the Blue, Into the Black 1920 1015 Josh Joseph

-from Neil Young’s “My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue)” The kids were killing themselves that summer. Parents were pointing every direction but inwards. The ceiling, I remember, was…

Off US Highway 25, N.

Off US Highway 25, N. 1920 1280 Lori Lamothe

Header photograph © Karyna Aslanova.


Saltshine 1200 1600 Gerry Stewart

Sand gritted against our teeth, my host family and I build a summer memory, a castle too close to the tide. Our faces stung by Norwegian blue skies, translating forfriskende…


Elegy 1920 1272 Howie Good

I’m regularly being interrupted – called to the phone, sent out on a diaper run, shot with water from a garden hose, accosted by street people. It’s been that way…


Deities 1920 1331 Ankita Chatterjee

Header photograph © Christine Owens.

good salt

good salt 1920 1440 Chestina Craig

the oceans love language is gift giving which means every time you swim to shore alive, is a present every time you are more survived than the previous version of…

be·long /bəˈlôNG/

be·long /bəˈlôNG/ 1000 667 Gabrielle Lawrence-Cormier

be·long /bəˈlôNG/ Verb   *** (Best viewed zoomed in landscape mode on mobile devices.) Header photograph © Adam Levon Brown.


Autumnal 1080 1350 Laurie Koensgen

Not dormancy, but sleep’s precursor: sheaves of shutting down. Rust in the crankshaft, dust in the fields, a languor in the clouds. The leaves are listless in the eaves; the…

My Husband Tries to Record the Sound in His Ear

My Husband Tries to Record the Sound in His Ear 1920 960 Jessica Dubey

I picked up a shell on the beach it held     the ocean when he turned to me at night I heard the same wave crashing in his ear…

Owl Stretching Time

Owl Stretching Time 1280 853 Andrew Szilvasy

He has shot at cats that covet oblivious blue jays, at blue jays ripping wasps’ nests and eating queens, at beavers building dams with beeches and maples. He has shot…


Bacon 1080 1080 Barbara Daniels

Day spills into evening, sun over a narrow bay, white sand, slap-dance waves. It’s trash in the gravel I notice. Flattened soda cans glisten outside the guest house. My eyes…

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