Issue 12 Photography


Delirium 1067 1600 Karyna Aslanova

Issue No.12: “Delirium”

Melancholy Musings

Melancholy Musings 1920 1277 Shayna Bruce

Issue No.12: “”


Tribulation 1920 1271 Christine Owens

Issue No.1: “Quies Obscura” Issue No.10: “Grist of the Past”

Living on the Street

Living on the Street 1920 1284 Jim Ross

Issue No.12: “Living on the Street” I had a dream about taking intermittent photos to capture the exact moment people slip into homelessness. The researcher in me would call this…


destroy.Rebuild 1067 1600 Brett Stout

Issue No.12: “The Wire Contraceptive”

Storm Pass

Storm Pass 1920 1440 Gordon Lewis

Issue No.12: “Storm Pass”

Into the White

Into the White 1920 729 Sue Michael

Issue No.12: “Into the White”


Beauty 1000 667 Adam Levon Brown

Issue No.12: “Beauty”

Rite of Passage

Rite of Passage 1920 1080 Eon Alden

Issue No.12: “Rite of Passage”

People & Places of North Carolina

People & Places of North Carolina 1280 853 Ricky Garni

Issue No.12: “People & Places of North Carolina”


Sight 1920 1272 Jeremy Nathan Marks

Issue No.12: “Sight”


Elements 1920 1440 Lorraine Carey

Issue No.12: “Tracks at Dawn”   The Gate – previously published in Christmas Lunes 2018, River Poets Journal Crystals – previously published in The Bangor Literary Journal Issue 7 February…

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