Issue 12 Flash Fiction

Relative Probability

Relative Probability 1920 1285 Kyra Kondis

Our first apartment was right off the side of the highway, separated from the wail of traffic by only a small patch of swamp. We lived on the perpetually damp…

To Trap a Hummingbird

To Trap a Hummingbird 1280 853 Clementine E. Burnley

The summer we turned eight Anua and I talked about how we could trap the hummingbird which hovered above the calla lilies on Community Field. We were sure it was…


Marketeers 1067 1600 Marisa L. Manuel

Lawrence can’t afford a dentist. His back molars are more nerve endings than enamel, and his canines are black, flattened, and thin. At thirty-eight, he’s reached a second childhood in…

Big League Chew

Big League Chew 1080 1080 Hannah Grieco

Sammy’s left eye is milky white. Sometimes you can see the outline of a pupil, wandering toward the side. Getting stuck. The other eye is a deep brown. It follows…


Sadie 1920 1271 Alexandra M. Matthews

At dusk, Sadie and I snuck into the woods behind her house. We found the large oak and balanced ourselves on its roots. Eyes closed, we whispered, Tell us the…

the worm the wyrm the snake the worm

the worm the wyrm the snake the worm 1143 1600 Christopher James

She had a cut in her tummy, a slit, after another thing that happened, and while she was sleeping, a worm crept inside her. A worm? she asked her boyfriend,…

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