Issue 12 Editor Pick

For the Love of Dior

For the Love of Dior 1280 853 John Manuel Arias

“¿Does the rope snap back?” Usvaldo asked his lover. He and Jorge were stuck in front of his muted television, muted to facilitate conversation. Conversation was as far as they’d…

the worm the wyrm the snake the worm

the worm the wyrm the snake the worm 1143 1600 Christopher James

She had a cut in her tummy, a slit, after another thing that happened, and while she was sleeping, a worm crept inside her. A worm? she asked her boyfriend,…

Shooting Men

Shooting Men 621 415 Lone Mørch

A female photographer’s notes on seeing men, the eros of presence, and the perils of being the perfect stranger. “Dear Lone, I looked at your photographs and read your Invitation…


Deities 1920 1331 Ankita Chatterjee

Header photograph © Christine Owens.


Bacon 1080 1080 Barbara Daniels

Day spills into evening, sun over a narrow bay, white sand, slap-dance waves. It’s trash in the gravel I notice. Flattened soda cans glisten outside the guest house. My eyes…

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