Issue 12 Creative Nonfiction

Darling We Have Arrived at the Crossroads

Darling We Have Arrived at the Crossroads 1920 1277 Adams Adeosun

1. Our poet friend wrote that “all fires die-/even ours that we so vigorously swore was hell,” and you texted to tell me that it hurt. I was locked in…

Summer with Lolita

Summer with Lolita 1014 1600 Hege A. Jakobsen Lepri

The summer you read Lolita, you were eleven, almost twelve. The house smelled of mother’s milk and newborn baby. It smelled of diapers too; not the stench of toddler stools,…


Decluttering 1920 1272 Jennifer Todhunter

I consider my life while brushing my teeth with the tiny toothbrush my son received from his dentist, and as I’m trying to reach the molars in the back, the…

Amma, Paati, and TV

Amma, Paati, and TV 1280 853 Anjali Bhavan

There is no other chronicler of inherent irrationality and characteristic weirdness than Paati (my grandmother) in her home and Amma (my mother, my madness) in her home, sitting mesmerized in…


Soundtrack 1920 1277 Nikoletta Gjoni

Say My Name 11-years-old I wonder to myself, much later in life, if it’s all right to be given a name by your peers, your teachers. I don’t remember being…

Thit Cho

Thit Cho 1920 1070 Ivan Faute

The shortcut starts behind a dog meat restaurant. They kill the dogs in the lower level, and, sometimes, coasting by, I see the cook chopping the pieces into bite-size chunks,…

Shooting Men

Shooting Men 621 415 Lone Mørch

A female photographer’s notes on seeing men, the eros of presence, and the perils of being the perfect stranger. “Dear Lone, I looked at your photographs and read your Invitation…

Hands on the Piano

Hands on the Piano 1280 853 Kae Solomon

Sonata form: a composition in three sections or movements (exposition, development, recapitulation, sometimes a coda) in which two themes or subjects are explored according to set key relationships. First Movement:…

The Rain Falls Like Democracy

The Rain Falls Like Democracy 1920 1271 Clayton Bradshaw

The rain begins with drop after drop smashing against the sidewalk downstairs from the balcony, where it releases its ozone upwards to where I stand. The drizzle becomes a downpour.…

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