Issue 11 Photography

After Dancing Left Their Eyes

After Dancing Left Their Eyes 1920 1440 Nnebuifé Kwubéi

Much of Issue 11’s look, including its cover, is the work of young photographer Nnebuifé Kwubéi, a student in Benin City, Nigeria. He is proof that photography is made from…


Community 1920 1440 Elle Danbury

Issue No.11: “Community”   Issue No.10: “It Waits for No Man”   Issue No.8   Issue No.6 Issue No.5 Issue No.4

Human Abstract

Human Abstract 1024 682 Yasser Alaa Mobarak

Issue No.11: “Human Abstract”

Urban Transformation

Urban Transformation 1920 1005 Suman Kabiraj

Issue No.11: “Urban Transformation”


Shades 1920 1292 Nidhi Suryavanshi

Issue No.11 ‘Shades’

Drive By Memory

Drive By Memory 1920 716 Sarah Huels

Issue No.11: “Drive By Memory”   Issue No.9 “Life miscellanies at home and abroad”   Issue No.3 Issue No.2


Observations 1920 1439 Clarabelle Fields

Issue No.11: “Observations”


#Survivor 500 375 Joanna C. Valente

Issue No.10: “#Survivor”

History Wasn’t So Long Ago

History Wasn’t So Long Ago 1125 1600 Brielle Epoh

Issue No.11: “History Wasn’t So Long Ago” “These four gentlemen are complete strangers to one another, and they all share a few things in common but one of those things…

The Apothecary’s Cabin

The Apothecary’s Cabin 1600 1026 Cory Funk

Issue No.11: “The Apothecary’s Cabin”   Issue No.10: “Sentinel”

Wind Blows the Field Hollow

Wind Blows the Field Hollow 1528 1600 Elizabeth York Dickinson

Issue No.11: “Wind Blows the Field Hollow”

Autumn Askew

Autumn Askew 750 883 Loretta Bloom

Issue No.11: “Autumn Askew”

Quiet Home

Quiet Home 960 720 Amanda Lee Calderon

Issue No.11: “Quiet Home”

And Justice for All…

And Justice for All… 1200 1600 S. Schirl Smith

Issue No.11: “And Justice for All…” Issue No.8 Issue No.6

form lost and found again

form lost and found again 896 883 Henry Brown

Issue No.11: “form lost and found again (querencia)”

We Occupy a Negative Space

We Occupy a Negative Space 1121 1600 Anne Paulet

Issue No.11: “We Occupy a Negative Space”

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