Issue 11 Flash Fiction

Naming the Universe

Naming the Universe 1920 872 Kara Oakleaf

I call Owen outside once I’ve got the telescope focused on Andromeda, a silvery coin of light against the blackness. We’ve had clouds for weeks, and it’s finally clear enough…


Porcelain 1920 959 Erin Lyndal Martin

Last week was paper chain week at the White Rose Brigade. We all made links out of construction paper and connected them in the church basement, making a long chain…


Pondbottom 896 883 Christopher X. Ryan

Jimmy had been rowing for forty-five minutes and we were still no closer to shore. The oars were begrimed with blood and candy, and his eyeglasses had long since skated…

How to Grow Basil

How to Grow Basil 750 500 Caroliena Cabada

It starts with a three-tiered cutting of basil, passing delicately over the farmstand table from his gloved hands to her ungloved ones. “Put this in water, and let me know…


Directions 1080 730 Corey Miller

Seth and I sit on a behemoth mound of dirt in between I-80 eastbound and westbound flicking Skittles down at traffic. It’s a heap of decisions dividing people traveling both…

I’m OK, I swear I just want to eat

I’m OK, I swear I just want to eat 750 500 Beth Gilstrap

In between the first time we held the same air in our mouths and the last were rides in your Volkswagen Scirocco in between Charlotte and Raleigh when you’d touch…

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