Issue 11 Fiction


Shipyard 1466 1600 Vinay Krishnan

“We came here to start over. But we built the new world in our own image. So we made all the same mistakes.” –Colonist. The final days at Roanoke. Two…

Moths of a Distant Light

Moths of a Distant Light 896 883 William Burtch

The interior of the vinyl topped Buick would assault the senses of the lesser hardened. Ghosts of cigarettes past and stale booze sweat hung like an after-hours gin hall. My…

Be the Best

Be the Best 1920 1280 Jon Doyle

We’d never played Ely before, but we’d heard about them. The league expanded east at youth level, and when we told our old men we’d be playing Cardiff teams they…

A Lost Day

A Lost Day 1920 1441 DeMisty D. Bellinger

You have to interrupt your planned day. This is not abnormal; often, things go wrong. Not just in your life, but in everyone’s life. Still, today was going to be…

When the Stars Fall

When the Stars Fall 1600 1068 Kaitlyn Luckow

My mama used to tell me a story: Long, long ago, there was a little girl who lived in the woods with her best friends: the egret and the elk.…

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