Issue 10 Poetry

After Burn

After Burn 960 643 David Wright

I missed this year the burning of the grasses, my friend masked by a red bandana, torch in hand, surrounded by a choir of men chanting shovel and rake, a…

Three Women

Three Women 1920 1280 Margaret Roncone

Sophie She remembers hearing “head for the hills”, maybe an old Western maybe her father’s idea of escape from a bad marriage. When the last of winter’s snow turned as drab gray as…

To Tergiversate My Wrecking Body

To Tergiversate My Wrecking Body 1073 1600 Akinwale Peace Akindayo

Header photograph © Jono Verrall.

They Call This

They Call This 1920 1920 Lorrie Ness

After your call. After an all-night drive down I-95. Its spine of red lights, white lights slashing the darkness, I blinked. Like lava, the lights erupted on my eyelids. They…

Sandra Bland Said She Had Attempted Suicide Following A Miscarriage

Sandra Bland Said She Had Attempted Suicide Following A Miscarriage 1600 1068 Sonia Greenfield

Header photograph © Cory Funk.

In hospitals, they have small pink trays

In hospitals, they have small pink trays 1920 1897 Mariel Fechik

for you to spill yourself into, stacked neatly on the sideboard in the shape of kidneys, softened sickles, the color of rosewater, the color of blood in water. In hospitals…

Zippo Squad, Vietnam to Detroit, 1967

Zippo Squad, Vietnam to Detroit, 1967 960 640 Paul David Adkins

— Let me win your heart and mind or I’ll burn your God damn hut down (inscription on a Vietnam War Zippo lighter casing)   Then Uncle Sam shipped the…


Equinox 960 586 Brittany Coppla

there are certain quiets that can only happen in the yawn of august: the unspoken eulogy of paper-machete earthworms on a walkway; the reconciliation of a misplaced kiss and a…


Red 1600 1068 Wale Ayinla

Header photograph © Cory Funk.

Posts & Fences

Posts & Fences 1920 1440 Robert Alan Rife

I With robust assurances his heart gives him leave, and he chooses where to put up fence posts. A random job at best, like cliff jogging in fog, he dons a belt of…

Sonnet on I-75

Sonnet on I-75 1920 1081 Karla Linn Merrifield

Alligator Alley in the dead of October night is the flat-out loneliest-ever ribbon of highway running between the lost-gold coasts of my naked heart. Beneath Orion’s gleam, Everglades’ swamps and…

These Hands

These Hands 1920 1440 Darby Lyons

My grandmother envied my hands, the length of my slim fingers. She imagined she could play the piano more gracefully with hands like mine. I tried, gave up, like kids…

Newly Wed in the Dominican Republic

Newly Wed in the Dominican Republic 900 1600 Todd Dillard

We wandered the beach before dawn, the tide thieving the white beneath our feet. At the edge of the resort property a man with a rifle emerged from the jungle,…

Cave In

Cave In 1920 1282 Tyler Truman Julian

Header photograph © Jerry Mathes II.

Summer and Next

Summer and Next 1920 1920 Emry Trantham

That last summer my parents were married we had an above-ground pool— big blue circle of a perfect July, envy of all the neighbor kids who rode their bikes over,…

When I Masturbate

When I Masturbate 640 960 Virginia Werba

I think my neighbor can hear me, when I knock my head on the wall. I can hear her hear me; she fries two eggs—maybe she lives in the flakes…

Sex After Marriage

Sex After Marriage 1920 1920 Christina Thatcher

Header photograph © Jerry Mathes II.

Death Rattle

Death Rattle 960 640 Barry Peters

Ponytailed hospice guy says there’s no need to beware the death rattle, my father is in no pain, those last rasping breaths mere babble of useless fluid. What he didn’t…

Easter Poem

Easter Poem 750 927 Rachel Tanner

Header photograph © Icy Blu Daniel.


Wayfinding 1920 1078 Charlene Kwiatkowski

Most doors are half open The young approach and fling open So much depends on seasons Yellow petals spring open La lumière is not flicked on Light is a hand…

A Bag of Pennies

A Bag of Pennies 1920 1440 DS Maolalai

I got on the streetcar at dundas and just went – I was new, didn’t know where I was going or why but it turned out to be the junction…

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