Issue 10 Flash Fiction

In A Familiar America

In A Familiar America 960 960 Kevin Winchester

A cliché: A quiet house that looks like a house in a familiar America. The upstairs bedroom adorned with pastel lamp, quilted flowered comforter, tie-backs on the curtains, muted sunlight…

1984, Delhi

1984, Delhi 569 797 Mahesh Nair

The river was dry with grains of white sugar. Whenever we were drowning in the granules, I ate a mouthful of the sweetener, keeping all of us afloat. Mom and…

Keep Your Head Up, Kid

Keep Your Head Up, Kid 1280 851 Matthew Banash

The kid had forgotten what day it was. His old man, sitting at the kitchen table in his VFW uniform, drinking breakfast and smoking lunch, said, “Happy Birthday, kid,” gestured…


Confessions 1920 1440 Olajide A. Omojarabi

The fluorescent bulb blinks every second, and each time it flashes my mind races. Udemz comes from behind, a mind reader, and bends to meet my gaze in the mirror.…

Mistress of Alchemy

Mistress of Alchemy 1280 851 Ulrica Hume

History could have been so different, you once said. And it is true: reality is slippery, evanescent, problematic, perhaps it is all for the best that a peasant goes on…


Errand 1920 1440 Patricia Q. Bidar

I edge my sister’s yellow Beetle near the old Karamel Korner. Although it is only ten, the blacktop sticks audibly to the soles of my Doc Martens.  I am not…


Thermostat 1280 851 Billy Petersen

In the hot kitchen, his mother was washing lettuce. He sat at the table scissoring the sleeves off his black T-shirt, the one with the print of an orange cat.…

Vocal Rest

Vocal Rest 1066 1600 Rosey Lee

“You didn’t like naps when you were little,” Mama said, removing the throw pillows from my bed and stacking them atop the chaise lounge. “I guess that comes in handy…

Small Saints

Small Saints 1242 1244 Melanie Czerwinski

When I was in elementary school, I drew red marks on my palms and told the teacher I had stigmata. I didn’t keep wounds open with phenol like Saint Padre…

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