Issue 10 Fiction


Knots 960 834 Derek Pfeffer

The leader twists stupidly in the air, impotently, beneath his giant hand. He looks at it in disgust, spits into the dirt of the river bank: a bad knot. In…

New Dirt

New Dirt 1920 1440 CS Dewitt

“We’re going on a walkabout,” Dad said as we pulled onto the freeway. “Taking the long way.” We’d taken similar rides before, hugging the coast of Louisiana on the pretext…

That Dress

That Dress 1920 1440 Sandy Kundra Verma

In advertising class, which is called mass communications so as not to appear frivolous, we discuss symbolism and brand metrics, consumer insights and aspirational products. But today the professor is…


Spores 1920 1920 Michelle Ross & Kim Magowan

Most of the women at the gym, I can tell by one, quick glance I wouldn’t like them. They wear sleek ponytails or precious braids. They look like store displays…

Some Things Lost; Nothing Gained

Some Things Lost; Nothing Gained 1920 1440 Elizabeth Chiles Shelburne

“Another one,” Jeptha hollered at the cute blonde bartender at the West Side Lounge.  It was the kind of dingy place on the wrong side of the tracks where people…


Heartbeat 803 600 Anthony Koranda

The woman from reception showed me around the unit my first day. She shuffled across the polished floor, thighs rubbing together, a freshly pressed uniform stained from sweat. She pointed…

Oxygen to the Brain

Oxygen to the Brain 1920 1280 Chris DiPlacito

The church is already full as we bring in the casket. Grampy wasn’t exactly the sociable type, but in a village this size, no one wants to miss out on…

Swimming Away

Swimming Away 1920 1080 Clare Reddaway

She is sitting on the beach, alone. Her legs are curled under her, and her hands are feeling the pebbles at her side. They are smooth, like ducks’ eggs. They…


Hero 1920 1440 Karen Zlotnick

This story ends in an earth science classroom on the top floor of a high school, set on a stunning hill in New York’s Hudson Valley. No need to reveal…

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