Flash Fiction

Death of a Box

Death of a Box 2000 1125 R.E. Hengsterman

A determined fog on the windshield tested the Volvo’s defrost, and its lack of motivation, as did the rain on the wipers, and the hectic speed, which took much of…

A Girl Buys Lilies for Herself

A Girl Buys Lilies for Herself 2500 1406 Priyanka Sacheti

She knows that there is something wrong with her when there have been no flowers in her house for weeks. The air smells of uninhabited hearts and crushed moths and…

Spiders in the Fall

Spiders in the Fall 2500 1406 Sally Thomas

Dara’s house was old and porous. In September, in the waning warm days, the spiders claimed it for their own. They loved the north side of the house, where the…

Road Gators

Road Gators 1200 675 Cole Meyer

I dream about an accident: Jackie and Kyle and I in the car, the car upside down and Jackie hanging limp beside me. My ears are ringing. Sirens and screams…

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