Flash Fiction Contest Shortlist

The Trouble With Talking

The Trouble With Talking 1067 1600 Sherry Morris

I ask Rat Girl how the flat hunting’s going and she says, ‘Great!’ Tells me she signed up for a boob job with her deposit money. It’s scheduled for next…


Recoil 1920 1440 David Rhymes

He was in deep recoil. Someone at Malcolm’s party said, “We’re only interested in novels by the under twenties.” And Neil turned to her and said, “You mean the under…

Sometimes a Guardrail is Missing

Sometimes a Guardrail is Missing 1920 1440 Melissa Bowers

The thing about the water— he starts, but whatever he’s about to say, it won’t be enough, because the thing about the water is the sensation of plunging toward it,…

What We Bury

What We Bury 1920 1275 Madeline Anthes

I buried my girl on the top of the hill overlooking the lake. I carved out the earth and placed her tiny body at the base of our oak tree,…


Toast 1920 1280 Rick White

We don’t have a toaster in our house anymore. Not since you left. Every time I walked past it I’d notice the dial was set differently, never where I’d left…


Kiss 1549 1033 Alpheus Williams

Raymond says the safest place for a criminal is the Police Force. He knows. He’s a cop. Raymond’s tastes are simple. Spartan.  He’s not a man for muscle cars, trinketry…

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