Flash Fiction.

Death is the Color White

Death is the Color White 3543 2370 Lydia Durunguma

“Your lips are a door, your mind is the key.” Those words your mother whispered to you scream louder in your head than her ensuing screeches as they placed the…

Zero Tolerance

Zero Tolerance 3264 2448 Jayne Martin

Lights blaze from above day and night, but give none of the sun’s warmth. Around me the littlest ones grab onto the metal fence, cry out “Mama,” “Papa,” and look…

The Delicate Art of Ikebana

The Delicate Art of Ikebana 1920 1440 Cathy Ulrich

If I were a florist in Japan, I would like flowering plum best, the paleness of it. It represents hope, you know, I would say to my customers, who would…

Threatening Rain

Threatening Rain 3264 2448 Anita Goveas

The people at the bus-stop have wrapped themselves up against the weather. It’s not raining now, but they all know it might at any time. Wool caps, shiny macs, welly…

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