Arsonist With Unlit Match

Arsonist With Unlit Match 1920 1440 Matt Fiander

She stands close enough to the building for the fumes to creep into her nose. This is the last time, she tells herself, as she always does. Even as the…

Chinese Bleeding on a Friday

Chinese Bleeding on a Friday 1920 1471 Peter Ngila

Your mami first appeared to you on a Friday morning, three hours after her death. Minutes before, your classmate Nzeli’s bad news, that your mother had given birth and bled…

Comfort, Dogs

Comfort, Dogs 4032 3024 Matt Fiander

Nature: When you cry at night along with the stereo speakers that make the hardwood tremble underfoot. When you drink so much you squint at the telephone. When the other…


Tristia 1920 1441 Nathaniel Lee Hansen

The night before, Lauren had stayed at Timothy’s apartment despite an agreement they’d reached after a few weeks’ negotiation (with sullenness, with wine, with tears) that “they were on hold,”…

Road Trip

Road Trip 1920 1538 Paul Beckman

My GPS was broken. I realized it when I saw the sign, Welcome to Des Moines. I had planned to drive down to the Yucatan in my new silver Beemer…

Fantastic Fabrics

Fantastic Fabrics 1920 1440 A.E. Weisgerber

Milena liked being a temporary secretary. She was on her second day as a temp at Uxpro’s downtown offices where, right on schedule, the janitor asked her on a date…

Hilltop Chats

Hilltop Chats 1920 1440 Samuel V. Mariano

We sit together atop a hill overlooking the expanse before us covered in patches of white flowers. The air is sweet to our senses; a mid-spring day. We share small…

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