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Marigold 1920 1080 Katie Karnehm-Esh

Mornings in Uganda are first the color of periwinkles, then roses, then suddenly a shot of brightest marigold. I watch it from my doorstep, listening. The caws of bright equatorial…

Arsonist With Unlit Match

Arsonist With Unlit Match 1920 1440 Matt Fiander

She stands close enough to the building for the fumes to creep into her nose. This is the last time, she tells herself, as she always does. Even as the…

White Knives, Blue Tears, & Red Whips

White Knives, Blue Tears, & Red Whips 4032 1824 Shirley Jones-Luke

The whips fed on the blood of my forefather’s backs. Soaked it up like needed sustenance, leaving the drops for the soil We cried into the sea, bodies floating there…

Growing Up Polack

Growing Up Polack 960 720 John Guzlowski

My dad spent 4 ½ years in Buchenwald concentration camp in Nazi Germany. My mother spent 2 ½ years as a slave laborer in various camps there. When the war…

perhaps the sea

perhaps the sea 1920 1440 Chris Wheeler

Foaming and violent as the wave, we echo of beatings taken on shores unknown or known too well. The sea is as young as it is sage, as seasoned in…

After D

After D 1920 1440 Jody Collins

a light rain is falling. perhaps, like the trace of a breeze it will bring a fresh spirit of peace to a world that’s imploding. shattered seeds scatter, soft, floating,…

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