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Hurt 1000 750 Chimeka Garricks

Your mother starts crying when Dami turns up for his funeral. He is fashionably late. You expect this. You also expect him to overdo his entrance, but you are still…

In Vain

In Vain 3024 4032 Aaron Housholder

I’m lying in the ditch, bleeding. My son has died. I can’t move, can’t climb. I will never be the same. I will never be the same. I hear you…

Death is the Color White

Death is the Color White 3543 2370 Lydia Durunguma

“Your lips are a door, your mind is the key.” Those words your mother whispered to you scream louder in your head than her ensuing screeches as they placed the…

Dead Leaves

Dead Leaves 2763 1414 Erin Emily Ann Vance

After Remedios Varo If I do not tell you of the lichen growing on the living room floor will you feel it on the soles of your feet? What of…

I know the river ran red

I know the river ran red 1920 1187 Christopher Hopkins

I know the river ran red until the sea, where the wild throat of a sky washed to the reaches before the magnet dark of eve. In this wavelength, this…

hecate #1

hecate #1 3264 2448 Katherine DeCoste

undeath is in creation / and the degloving of hands / digging up of pale yellow talisman / kiss of moonlight through the willow branches / fade / d /…

Zero Tolerance

Zero Tolerance 3264 2448 Jayne Martin

Lights blaze from above day and night, but give none of the sun’s warmth. Around me the littlest ones grab onto the metal fence, cry out “Mama,” “Papa,” and look…

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