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Stephen Briseño

The Early Rain

The Early Rain 2000 1333 Stephen Briseño

creates a snare drum throbbing eighteenth notes on my roof for a solid ten minutes. A bag of spilt pellets dancing on linoleum. On repeat. What gets me though is…

Stephen Briseño – Photography

Stephen Briseño – Photography 2208 1656 Stephen Briseño

Issue No.2

My Grandma Told Me Once

My Grandma Told Me Once 4032 3024 Stephen Briseño

Mijo, if you are to be water in a river, be the kind that sinks deep into the soil, that marries the roots of live oaks on the bank, gives…

Drinking Coffee on a Friday Evening

Drinking Coffee on a Friday Evening 1920 1440 Stephen Briseño

It’s a strange thought that when you die your hair stops with your body. Your fingernails too. It’s not just a not-breathing that happens, but a not-growing. And I can’t…

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