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Patricia Q. Bidar


Husbandry 1920 1920 Patricia Q. Bidar

My landlord has left a lumpily-rolled joint on my breakfast bar. “Doo-bie mellow!” his note says. I don’t really mind that he keeps barging in. A lean and sporty retiree,…


Errand 1920 1440 Patricia Q. Bidar

I edge my sister’s yellow Beetle near the old Karamel Korner. Although it is only ten, the blacktop sticks audibly to the soles of my Doc Martens.  I am not…

Pool Therapy

Pool Therapy 1600 1200 Patricia Q. Bidar

The door to the pool has a sign that announces that anyone who is currently experiencing diarrhea or has experienced diarrhea in the past 14 days should not enter the…

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