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Marley Stuart

Still, a Twist of Pale Limbs

Still, a Twist of Pale Limbs 1920 1440 Marley Stuart

I do think of them, the couple sleeping on the steps of the church up the street from our hotel. I passed twice, on my way to the cafe and…

A Haunting, Spring

A Haunting, Spring 1920 1440 Marley Stuart

My wife tells me, pulling weeds between squash and okra, the cardinal that sings outside out our window is Cody, returned on the anniversary of his death in the form…

All Too Familiar

All Too Familiar 1920 1440 Marley Stuart

—after a painting by Douglas Bourgeois   Woman stands in front of woman, one in purple underwear, the other ghosted blue, naked, crazy psychedelic wallpaper showing through her breasts and…

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