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Jeanna Paden

Anxiety in a High-Rise

Anxiety in a High-Rise 1920 1080 Jeanna Paden

the stairwell smells like a barbeque joint tonight and also a joint; lightbulb on the last flight of stairs is out and if the broken doorknob at the bottom of…

Afternoon in November

Afternoon in November 2500 1406 Jeanna Paden

I can’t hear anyone talk the refrigerator is buzzing I have homework we’re babysitting the neighbor’s dog Daddy comes home around six thirty, or seven, or eight It’s dark and…

With Or Without You

With Or Without You 1920 953 Jeanna Paden

I remember the way February looks after midnight— jigsaw lines of houses, small front yards the rain crawling along the ground, turning to ice speaking blacktop cracks into existence. I…

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