a red house in the trees

a red house in the trees

a red house in the trees 4032 3024 Andrew Lafleche

black shingles

silver turbine that hasn’t spun
doesn’t spin
or spins very quickly
it appears to be standing still

two chairs
separated by a small table
hold fast in want
on the wooden deck

the dark windows reflect
the setting sun, branches,
the billowing clouds in
the portent sky; obscured

what goes on behind
those walls
in this red house
of the trees


– she waddles

down the sidewalk, grey shirt,
saggy black shorts, white
headphones dangling; sunglasses
quick pace; I stare and
attempt to uncover something
arousing about her listless body –

what goes on behind
those red walls
of this house
in the trees?

someone crying?
a child dying?

the ducks begin feeding
near the lake’s shore
their tails twerk
with their heads submerged

a light inside ignites
to vanish

a branch snaps
above the water

there is a red house
in the trees

Header photograph © Jason D. Ramsey.

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