A Bump and a Huff

A Bump and a Huff

A Bump and a Huff 1920 1080 Ben Nardolilli

Another blue period in the front seat,
Dashboard dented, the steering wheel frayed,
We come together as everything comes apart,
We just want to stop the peeling

We take our joy compounds together
Among the spindles of weeds and bridges
Toasting to promises of prosperity past,
Nature is out here for us, close enough to wild

The communion quickly dissolves
Into chemicals though our bloody barriers,
I hold back the crazy, knowing there is another
As mad as me in this madhouse of my making

Our laughter turns into a visible language,
And soon we itch all over with warmth,
Pink marches on and takes over the lightning,
We lay down, the world is a womb again

Header photograph © Asher.

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